Conversational Course, Module 6, Elementary 1 A2, Class E, March 2019

Information and application form for Conversational Japanese Language Courses, Module 6, Elementary 1 A2, Class E in March 2019

Conversational Japanese Language Course (once per week)
Elementary 1 A2
Starting level
Beginner A1+
7 March 2019 – 11 April 2019
Lesson day

Lesson start time will be changed on 4 and 11 April because of summer time in the Netherlands.

7 March- 28 March 4 and 11 April
Time Zone Winter Time Class Time Summer Time Class Time
Amsterdam, the Netherlands CET UTC+1 13:00 – 14:10 UTC+2 14:00 – 15:10
New Delhi, India IST UTC+5:30 17:30 – 18:40 UTC+5:30 17:30 – 18:40
Singapore, Singapore SST UTC+8 20:00 – 21:10 UTC+8 20:00 – 21:10
Tokyo, Japan JST UTC+9 21:00 – 22:10 UTC+9 21:00 – 22:10

You can download the schedule for Class E

6 lessons of 70 minutes each (6 weeks, one module)
This is the sixth module of the Conversational Japanese Language Course. The objective of the course is to gain practical communication skills in everyday situations. At the end of this module, you will be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions, talk about simple things in Japanese, such as where you or your family live, talk about your hobbies, say what season you like and why, start a conversation by talking about the weather, tell a friend about a place or area of your recommendation, tell someone how to get to a place nearby, and so on. It is required to be able to read Hiragana to join this class. Reading practice of Japanese texts and Kanji (Chinese characters) will not be taken up in the lesson. So, you can focus on listening to and speaking Japanese in a more relaxed mood and at ease. The table of contents is available for download below. For more details on the course, please see here.
Course material

MARUGOTO Elementary 1 A2, Katsudoo (activities,) Lesson 1 – Lesson 6
Katusdoo: a course book for communicative language activities

Table of Contents
Look inside
The sample pages are for the lesson 5.

Bookstores or distributors
The publisher of Marugoto provides a list where you can find your nearest bookstore or distributor of Marugoto. It is also published overseas and made available through electronic library. For further details and information, please refer to the official website of Marugoto. You can also find it online at shops like e.g. Amazon.
Fee for one module
€ 75 (Books not included)
Lessons at Amieke Online are exempt from VAT.
Payment can be accepted by bank transfer (in euros) or through PayPal.

Please read the explanation of this course and privacy policy in full before your application.
This class will be followed by Module 7 provided from 16 May to 20 June.

Application Form for Class E in March 2019

If you would like to participate in a 70-minute free trial class, before registering for the class, please apply for a trial class using the application form for it. If you register for the class using the registration form below you can indicate that you want to participate in the trial class below. Please note that taking part in the free trial class without registering for the course will not guarantee you a place in the course.

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This course is intended for adult people
It is required to be able to read Hiragana to join this class