What students think about the courses at Amieke online

"I have been studying Japanese under Miki-san for a little over a year as I'm writing this review. I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and services provided by Miki-san. She is kind, patient, and ofcourse incredibly knowledgeable about the Japanese language. The classes are well-organised and jam-packed with hands-on exercises. Despite the tight schedule, Miki-san does not hesitate to answer the (many) questions I have during class and takes her time to patiently explain, clarify, or help you understand the many wonders of the Japanese language in any way needed. If people around me are looking to start learning Japanese or want to improve their pre-existing skills, I wholeheartedly recommend Miki-san as a teacher."

ジェシカ (Jessica)

"I had been following Miki san's Japanese courses for 2 years from starter level to intermediate level. Miki san's Japanese courses have a clear structure and are easy for people to follow. She is a very patient teacher and always helps her students with questions. Miki san's courses enable me to have a solid foundation on Japanese languages. I definitely recommend her courses to everyone who wants to learn Japanese!"

ディ (Di)

"I can highly recommend Miki for Japanese lessons. Miki is extremely enthousiastic and she has got a motivating teaching style. She is very experienced and therefore she can explain Japanese grammar very clearly. In the beginning I just wanted to take a couple of lessons to get to know some basic sentences in Japanese. But thanks to Miki's great way of teaching I followed three modules. I have never thought to come that far! So, don't hesitate and book lessons, you won't regret it. Japanese lessons with Miki not only are educational but also fun, because she's a friendly person. So the atmosphere during the lesson is also very pleasant."

クリスティナ (Christina)

"Before I knew about this school, I had already been studying japanese by myself with the goal of reading books and manga in their original language. I used online self-study materials and books but didn't really get anywhere so, a year and a half ago, when I heard about Miki-san's lessons, I decided to enroll. Lessons are short, covering only a couple grammar points, and focus a lot on speaking, so I was skeptical at first. However, the sentences and grammar that I had failed to decrypt before started to make more and more sense with each lesson, and I saw my understanding of the language improve very fast indeed. After only a little more than a year, I can already read manga on my own and, without even realizing it, I came to understand lyrics in songs and nuances in spoken japanese! This wonderful result is no doubt thanks to Miki-san's teaching experience and energetic personality, which makes learning japanese a very pleasant and fruitful journey indeed, tailored to any style of learning. In particular, I like that Miki-san is able to easily explain the role of sentence elements on a technical level (adverbs, nominalization, modifiers) when asked for, which is especially helpful for me. Another thing I like about these classes is being able to make new friends, which can be hard for an expat like me. In short, I would (and already did) wholeheartedly recommend Amieke online school to anyone that wants to learn Japanese due to Miki-san's experience and expertise, the bite-sized but effective lessons, and the opportunity to meet like-minded people."

アンドレ (André)

"After I found out about Miki San's online language school at the end of 2021 on Facebook, I immediately applied and started following Japanese lessons around the start of 2022. And never had regrets over that decision. The lessons are really fun and useful in your journey learning the real Japanese language. Miki San has a lot of patience and humor. She teaches the real deal about common used words and sentences. She is really good at teaching in an easy way, but if you don’t understand something, she will find another way or example to explain it to you. This together with learning in a group helped me a lot with my Japanese and also with making new friends. It also helped me on my holidays in Japan. So….. if you want to learn Japanese in a good way, I highly recommend following Miki San's lessons."

ヨス (Jos)

What students think about individual lessons at Amieke online

"Short version: I've received 1-on-1 tutoring from Miki for a few months now as a beginner, and I would 100% recommend her. ------ Late 2021, I applied to Amieke Online for Japanese lessons. A few months in, and I can safely I made the right choice with Miki as my Japanese tutor. As a 1-on-1 tutor she is very patient, but not afraid to push the pace if she feels you can handle it. She's friendly, enthusiastic and although she works with a clear structure, she'll adjust the content based on your needs. She is also very professional in all aspects. Some things are obvious (being on time, clear communication), but some things are less obvious. For example: You don't just get a homework assignment - you also get advice on apps to use or websites to visit to help speed up your learning process while doing self study. The biggest benefit I've found is that she doesn't just teach you new words or grammar rules, but she also provides context. If two words mean the same, why would you use one word or the other? In a country with a different culture like Japan, that context is essential to understand the language. She works with study material that you can partially do on your own to improve your rate of learning, and it works in tandem with the 1-on-1 Zoom calls very nicely. Considering that she is doing her job so well, I was surprised with how affordable she is! Overall - I can wholeheartedly recommend Miki if you want to improve your Japanese skills!"

ジェレミ (Jeremy)

"I have had the great opportunity to be taught by Miki, who has been to me a formidable teacher of the Japanese language. Not only has she guided me through the Japanese grammar learning process but she has also taught me about the numerous layers of the Japanese culture and their connection to the language. She is extraordinarily skilled and experienced as a teacher, and it is without a question that I highly recommend her. I have been taking Miki’s lessons since September 2019 to the present time. It is thanks to her teachings that I have been able to improve my understanding of the Japanese language at different levels of speech. This is because not only can she structure her classes in a per-student-tailored fashion but she also allows for open questions and topics that the students might want to discuss in detail. I find this quite important in my language development. Whether online or face to face, one-on-one or group-based, her classes are remarkable."

ヴィクター (Victor)

"I’ve been taking Miki's lessons for 1,5 year now, on every other week for 1 hour. It's been a blast and I love them so much. We're not just cramming grammar. Miki talks about culture, food, everything Japan. I believe this is a much better way of learning a language than just focussing on remembering words and sentences. I don't think I've ever laughed as much during lessons in my life. Every time is so much fun. Miki's old man impression is the funniest thing ever. Thanks to Miki, my Japanese understanding and vocabulary has skyrocketed. There's still many room for improvement from my end, so I'm dedicated to stay with Miki until she has nothing left to teach me anymore. If you're interested in Japanese language,I would strongly recommend taking up Miki's lessons. I for one am always looking forward to my lessons."

デーブ (Dave)