Online Japanese Language Courses

Amieke Online Japanese Language School (Amieke Online) offers the following curriculums via Zoom, which is a cloud based online meeting system.

  1. Conversational Japanese Language Course (once per week) See the introduction videos
  2. Intensive Conversational Japanese Language Course (twice per week)
  3. Comprehensive Japanese Language Course (twice per week)
  4. Pre-Intermediate Japanese Language Course (once per week)

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Do you prefer to take a course at your own pace, or do the class times not suit you? You can also take all courses as One-on-One Courses.

Amieke Online provides you with clear explanations and useful exercises in efficient and effective lessons

  • Prices for the courses.
  • Payment can be accepted by bank transfer (in euros) or with PayPal. In most countries you can pay by bank transfer or your credit card in the local currency through PayPal.

All courses are intended for adults who want to learn both the Japanese language and culture, and be able to have essential skills for daily conversations in Japanese with little time and effort or as fast as possible. They cover the complete beginner’s level to the JF Standard A2 (plus a part of B1) level.

What are the differences between the Conversational Japanese Language Course and the Comprehensive Japanese Language Course?

The differences between these courses are whether or not to practice reading Japanese characters, or Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji (Chinese characters), during the lessons from the beginning of the first module of the course, and whether or not to have more opportunities to practice grammar patterns, vocabulary and reading during the lessons.