Easy Japanese lessons for Beginners

In these lessons we aim to learn basic grammar and useful expressions, and in particular to practice talking Japanese from the beginning. You can find free online or commercial materials as follows. For further details, please refer to the website of the links below. Other materials may also be used according to your wishes.

  • Easy Japanese

    Easy Japanese is a program of Japanese language lessons produced by Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN. You can learn Japanese for beginners, through the 48 lessons in total. Audio and texts for the lessons can be downloaded free of charge. The program is offered in 17 languages.

    You can learn the meanings of the phrases and grammar points of each lesson in 10 minutes by yourself. During the online lessons we practice talking Japanese a lot, and I will also provide you with more exercises containing additional information, explanation and more vocabulary according to your wishes.

  • Marugoto Series

    The goal of this series is using Japanese to actually communicate, not just to increase your knowledge of grammar and sentence patterns. It is particularly designed at the Starter (A1) stage for people who have only limited time or also who would not be able to learn Japanese characters. We practice talking Japanese a lot during the online lessons. I also provide you with an additional explanation according to your wishes.

    There is an e-learning website and there are Apps for Japanese characters, (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.)

    You can find your nearest bookstore or distributor of Marugoto and other Japanese textbooks.

    Digital editions of all the titles in the series are available at Amazon and Google Play.