Basic Conversation

Basic Japanese Conversation lessons

These are elementary Japanese conversation lessons using the Amieke original Q&A materials, commercially available texts or free online materials. We aim to be able to speak Japanese more fluently and naturally using the words and grammar you have learned, to develop your vocabulary and talk more about yourself and your surroundings.

These lessons are suitable for those who would like to improve their conversation skills effectively, those who would like to have the opportunity to talk regularly with a professional Japanese native teacher more than once a week or every two weeks, or even those who are not satisfied with their own speaking skills, although you are studying at school, other lessons or self-study at the moment.

Available commercial materials are as follows. For further details, please refer to the website of the links below. Other materials may also be used according to your wishes.

  • Marugoto Series

    There is an e-learning website and there are Apps for Japanese characters (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji)

    You can find your nearest bookstore or distributor of Marugoto and other Japanese textbooks.

    Digital editions of all the titles in the series are available at Amazon and Google Play.

  • Genki Series

    There are free videos, self-study materials and Apps for Japanese letters and so on.

    You can find your nearest bookstore or distributor of Genki and other Japanese textbooks.

  • Japanese for Busy People Series

    There are Apps for all lessons (L1 through L25) in Japanese for Busy People I

    You can find the textbooks online at shops like e.g. Amazon or you can contact Kodansha USA about textbooks and materials including purchasing.

  • Minna no Nihongo Series

    There are “Translation & Grammatical Notes” in 11 languages.

    You can download the Audio mp3 files free of charge.
    Audio files for Minna no Nihongo Shokyu I Main Textbook
    Audio files for Minna no Nihongo Shokyu II Main Textbook

    You can find your nearest bookstore or distributor of Minna no Nihongo Series and other Japanese textbooks.

  • Studying using the Amieke original Q&A materials

    If you are not satisfied with your listening and speaking skills or you are not confident in them, even though you have already studied most of basic Japanese grammar and words, then I recommend that you try to study using the Amieke original Q&A materials.

    I will send you around 10 questions about a certain theme or topic, containing various grammar and vocabulary a few days before each lesson. You will prepare your own answers to each question before the lesson. If you feel that it is too difficult in Japanese, you can prepare them in English.

    During the lesson we will check your answers, make appropriate Japanese sentences together and practice them. The grammar used for the questions and answers is based on what you have already studied. However, if you have any difficulties or uncertainties, you will receive an explanation during the lesson. You will also receive your sentence-list after the lesson. It will be helpful to make your own flash cards by yourself.

  • Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese

    These materials mainly target young students and they are made up of DVDs, scripts of the videos, rich illustrations, many exercises and explanation in English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese. They are not intended as main study material to be followed in order from the beginning, rather useful as a resource for increasing your interest in studying Japanese and Japanese culture.

    We could also use the materials for our online lessons according to your wishes. I will help you to understand the scripts, support doing exercises and provide you with appropriate grammatical explanation.

    The DVDs are available at the bookstores carrying Japanese educational materials in Japan. You can directly contact the publisher by e-mail or find them at the online shops in Japan, like undertakes overseas shipping.

    There is also a wonderful e-learning website “Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese.” You can find many videos, pictures, various exercises, quizzes and games on it. It is made fully enjoyable even for adult learners and may be used for self-study.