Intermediate and Advanced

Intermediate and Advanced Japanese lessons

For intermediate or advanced Japanese learning, you can choose two methods. One is using commercial textbooks, the other is reading some texts of commercial materials, online news or other articles about Japanese culture, people, nature, entertainment, technology, etc. and doing Q&A exercises about its contents.

Studying using commercial textbooks

We will discuss the best method for you according to your aims, ability or learning pace. Available commercial materials are as follows. For further details, please refer to the website of the links below. Other materials may also be used according to your wishes.

Reading texts and doing Q&A exercises

There are a lot of useful and interesting texts and articles about Japanese culture, people, nature, entertainment, technology, etc. that you can find. Some of them even have English translation.

These materials would be very helpful to improve your reading skills and vocabulary, and we can also practice talking Japanese doing Q&A exercises and discuss the topics.

You can find commercial materials and some online articles as follows. You will choose a text or an article by yourself and I will prepare useful word lists and questions about its contents for our lessons. It is just required to let me know your chosen article 48 hours before the lesson at the latest, because I need some time of the preparation for a completely tailor-made material for you.

Commercial materials

Online articles

There are more available materials. So, please contact me to discuss the details.

You can find most of the Japanese textbooks which I mentioned, online at shops like e.g. Amazon.

If you would like to use any other materials and if I need to buy them, it might take about 10 days for delivery. In this case it is required that you pay for more than 6 lessons in advance. This requirement does not apply to the trial lesson.


Revision of your own texts like letters, stories and such is also available. The text you have written will be checked for grammar, spelling, etc. and returned to you. The service costs 5 euros per 15 minutes of revision.