Application Form Pre-Intermediate Course September 2023

Application Form for Pre-Intermediate Japanese Language Course starting in September 2023

The latest class starts on 5 September 2023
Application deadline: Saturday, 2 September 2023

Please make sure to check the level, schedule and fee of the class you would like to apply for.

  • Schedule for class C provided in September and October 2023
    You can see and download the schedule for each class there.
  • Payment can be accepted by bank transfer (in euros) or with PayPal. In most countries you can pay by bank transfer or your credit card in the local currency through PayPal. Please refer to the website of your own country for further details on PayPal.
  • Invoice can be issued in euros or the following local currencies. In the areas other than the following it is issued in euros only.

    EUR (Euros), JPY (Japanese Yen), USD (U.S. Dollars), RUB (Russian Rubles), PHP (Philippine Pesos), AUD (Australian Dollars), TWD (New Taiwan Dollars), SGD (Singapore Dollars)

  • Price list for each currency
    If you receive the invoice in euros, the amount in your local currency depends on the exchange rate for the payment date with PayPal.

Application Procedure

  1. Please fill in the application form below and submit it by the end of the application period: Saturday, 2 September 2023
  2. You will receive the confirmation and the invoice by email. If you pay the fee with PayPal, you will receive the invoice from PayPal.
  3. Your position is only confirmed once full payment has been received by the invoice due date.
  4. You will receive a private link to access your online class on “Zoom” from your teacher 12 hours before starting a class at the latest. Click the link at least 5 minutes before your first class starts, and you will be prepared to join your class. (See here for more about Zoom)

Registration for Free Trial Lesson

It is required to take a 45-minute free trial lesson to check your level by 1 September 2023. Please mention in the application form below that you would like to take a trial lesson and level check for Class C. If you do not like your trial lesson, you can cancel the application anytime before payment. If you have any other questions, please use the contact page.

Application Form for Pre-Intermediate Japanese Language Course in September and October 2023

Please read the privacy policy in full before your application.

What should I call you? If you prefer to be called with specific title, please let me know.
For the system requirements of Zoom, please refer to Zoom Help Center.
If some member of your class is absent from the class because of an inevitable reason and notifies that before lesson start, the lesson can be recorded and uploaded on the internet only available to a limited audience. The private link to the video will be sent to all the members in the class and be available until the start of the next lesson. Recordings usually include the screen the teacher shares and your voice, but depending on the situation of the lesson, your face may appear.
This course is intended for adult people