Prices for Individual Lessons

Prices for Individual Online Japanese Language Lessons and How to Pay

The price for one private online lesson (60 minutes via Skype or Zoom) starts at 42.00 euros. If you pay for 6 or more lessons in advance, you will receive a 3% discount (40.74 euros), for 10 lessons in advance, a 5% discount (39.90 euros). Please see the Price List for more options and discounts. Payment can be accepted by bank transfer (in euros) or with PayPal*. In the case of paying with PayPal, a 5% surcharge will be added. In most countries you can pay by bank transfer or your credit card in your local currency through PayPal.

PayPal is an online payment service which is available in more than 200 countries or regions. Please refer to the website of your own country for further details.

The invoice can be issued in euros or one of the following local currencies. In the areas other than the following it is issued in euros only. If you receive the invoice in euros, the amount in your local currency depends on the exchange rate for the payment date with PayPal.

Available currencies for the Invoice:

EUR (Euros), JPY (Japanese Yen), USD (U.S. Dollars), PHP (Philippine Pesos), AUD (Australian Dollars), TWD (New Taiwan Dollars), SGD (Singapore Dollars)

Lessons at Amieke Online Japanese Language School are exempt from VAT.

45-minute Free Trial Lesson

You can take a 45-minute free trial lesson including a consultation as an introduction. During the free introduction we will discuss your purpose, aims or learning method and materials. However, I recommend that you send your requests by email in advance, so that you can practice talking Japanese more during that time.

Payment Procedure

After you send the proposal for your lessons, the invoice for the full amount will be sent. When you would like to pay the fee with PayPal, you will receive the invoice from PayPal. Payment is required 6 hours before the first lesson at the latest. (For group lessons, 1 day before the first lesson.) For more details on prices, please see the Price List below.

Offering Semi-Private or Group Lessons

I basically respond to the request for semi-private or group lessons. The price of a 60-minute semi-private lesson for two persons starts at 53.20 euros, or 26.60 euros per person with a 5% discount. The price of a 60-minute group lesson for 3 persons or more starts from 68.40 euros. For more details on prices, please see the Price List below. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

Price List

Price list in the local currencies: You can receive an invoice in your local currency.

If you pay for 6 or more lessons in advance, you will receive a 3% discount, for 10 lessons in advance, a 5% discount.

Lesson fee does not include the costs of the text books.

Semi-private lessons after 5:00 pm in Central European Time take a 10% additional charge, after 8:00 pm, a 20% additional charge.

You can take lessons weekly, twice a week, or once every two weeks.

The expiration period after the lesson fee payment is 30 weeks.

One-on-one Private Lesson

Lesson Time Price per 60-minute lesson Price per 75-minute lesson
Between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm in Central European Time € 42.00 (39.90)* € 52.00 (49.40)*
Between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm in Central European Time € 48.00 (45.60)* € 59.00 (56.05)*
Between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm in Central European Time € 55.00 (52.25)* € 67.00 (63.65)*

Semi-Private Lesson for Two Persons

Lesson Time Price for two people
60 minutes € 56.00 (53.20)*
75 minutes € 68.00 (64.60)*
90 minutes € 80.00 (76.00)*

Group Lesson for Three People and More*

Lesson Time Group Size (price per person)
3 4 5 6 or more
60 minutes € 24.00 (22.80)* € 19.50 (18.525)* € 17.50 (16.625)* € 16.00 (15.20)*
75 minutes € 28.50 (27.075)* € 23.50 (22.325)* € 21.50 (20.425)* € 20.00 (19.00)*
90 minutes € 32.50 (30.875)* € 27.00 (25.65)* € 25.00 (23.75)* € 23.50 (22.325)*


It is required to inform me of your cancellation by email 12 hours before the lesson at the latest. When the lesson is cancelled on time, the lesson fee will be carried forward to the next lesson. The lesson schedule can also be flexible.

Lesson fee of group or class lessons will not be refunded if you are absent from the class.


If you wish, you can receive homework for free to strengthen your vocabulary and grammar skills.


Revision of your own texts like letters, stories and such is also available. The text you have written will be checked for grammar, spelling, etc. and returned to you. The service costs 7.50 euros per 15 minutes of revision.